raspberry pi

Connect to Raspberry Pi VNC Server from Ubuntu

This example is setup entirely within an internal private home network from a laptop to a Raspberry Pi 3B+ without the need for traversing a router firewall or other obstacle. In other words it will (and should not) work if you attempt to connect to the VNC server from outside your local home network. Keep […]


x11vnc Server on Ubuntu 20.04

I desired a fast VNC solution for use within my local network for a couple machines. One, a desktop running Ubuntu 20.04 with Gnome and another a Raspberry Pi 4B+ (4G). After some research I decided on x11vnc as the VNC server running as a systemd service. After a straightforward installation all that was needed […]

bash scripting

Bash Conditionals with RegEx and other Comparisons

There are many times when using regular expressions for comparisons is the best option. In this case a bash script being written for a cron job required date format comparison. Using a regular expression makes it easy and easily adjustable if needed in the future to handle other formats. The quick comparison of a variable […]

web programming

Headers & Secure HTTP Requests

Security has and will continue to be a main consideration when hosting and developing applications for any platform. Developing web applications is certainly no exception. This post begins to aggregate certain HTTP headers that aide in this security whether it is trying to force a certain request type, avoid cross-site origin requests, and so on. […]

system administration

Schedule Backup of Archiving Files

This was written initially to backup raspberry pi machines in order to backups of photos of birds. On several Raspberry Pi machines (zero, 3B+, 4B+) there are ever increasing files captured by various services and processes. These eventually fill up the drives, particularly quickly on the smaller SD Cards. This post simply reminds me of […]