x11vnc Server on Ubuntu 20.04

I desired a fast VNC solution for use within my local network for a couple machines. One, a desktop running Ubuntu 20.04 with Gnome and another a Raspberry Pi 4B+ (4G). After some research I decided on x11vnc as the VNC server running as a systemd service. After a straightforward installation all that was needed […]

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Raspberry Pi 4 (4G) Booting Loop Problem While Connected via HDMI to Monitor

Several times after a fresh installation of Raspberry Pi OS (FKA Raspbian) the device would end up in a boot loop, displaying the rainbow gradient, sometimes a quick splash screen and then restart again. Most likely a possible fix of the problem with configuration changes would be done in config.txt file located on the /boot […]

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Global npm Install Without sudo

Execute command to set npm prefix to within your user .local folder and then export the path with the added .local/bin part. Upon any subsequent login, or by sourcing the .profile file, this will be automatically done (the path part). Checking npm cache directory thus verifying installing packages in ~/.npm would put them in harms […]